TURNkey IT is a well-organized TEAM of certified professionals, not just one guy who comes out when something breaks. We become an integral part of our customer’s businesses so they can focus on what they do best. 98% of our customers do not pay hourly for support. Our fixed pricing model (based on device count on network) allows the customer access to unlimited onsite and remote support.

When a support package is in place, it is our job to do as much as we can to be proactive. Our technicians work on servers before things break and often know about problems before our customers do. Monitoring agents are placed on critical machines to warn us when things are going wrong. Notifications of things like low disk space, used memory, offline status, disk error, missed backups, etc. are immediately sent to our technicians when they happen.

TURNkey IT has listened to the marketplace and in response has developed an offering for every business need. We have put together a lineup of packages from basic to all-inclusive. Each package is designed to meet the customer where they would like to be supported. Every support package has the option to host email with Office 365, utilize cloud backup and purchase Office licensing.

Monthly support contracts start as low as $450 and are based on the number of devices on your network. It is as simple as that.


The Basic package gets access to our world class support on an hourly basis and provides monitoring of network resources.


The Complete package provides helpdesk and limited onsite support from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. A firewall router is included for use during the term of the contract.


Elite support provides peace of mind for businesses who need access to support where and when they need it. This package includes unlimited helpdesk / onsite support and a firewall router and local disaster recovery solution for use during the term of the contract. In addition, a corporate anti-virus subscription is provided for the customer network.


Our “All-In” offering includes everything in the Elite package with the addition of all new hardware across the entire network. This hardware as a service (HaaS) program is designed for the useful life of the technology in place. After the four year term, new hardware is scheduled to be installed and implemented seamlessly.