Our most successful relationships are with small business- somewhere between one user and one hundred users. If your business fits this category- read on!

Very responsive – you always get back to me very quickly, are usually able to resolve my concerns right away. My computers just work.Nancy Vizer
Great at knowing what products and trends are out there. Great customer support. We know our network just works and we know backups are being done correctly.Mike Dasbach
I contacted TURNkey IT after experiencing numerous problems with our former IT company. Since we’ve hired them, we haven’t been down a single day.Dan O'Brien
Everything integrated. Not only our IT systems but our voice over IP phone system as well. It’s kind of like one-stop shopping with great technology. Everybody there at TURNkey is really responsive. I don’t regret any moment working with them. I’d highly recommend them.Michael Zost
We were having communication difficulties with our previous IT company. That’s when we contacted TURNkey IT. We are so much better off today then where we were two years ago.Gina (Papanicholas) Bertolini
I’ve been using TURNkey IT for 16 years now. They’ve designed, installed and supported our multi-location 70 user system flawlessly. This is exactly why I use TURNkey IT.Tim Orlowski
TURNkey IT is responsible, competent, available, reliable and responsive to our needs.Alan Slatin
Whatever the problem might be, TURNkey IT finds a solution and fixes it the first time! They provide me peace of mind as they actually contacted us before we even knew we had a problem.Mike Kurgan
You guys are always on the spot when I need you. You keep our systems running and your people are responsive and kind.Irv Jacobson
We were having problems getting service from our former IT company and felt like our systems were always broken. Since we signed on with TURNkey IT we found the service and problem resolution to be excellent. We appreciate the quick response time as we are busy 5-6 days a week all year long.Nancy Slatin